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Word Speed Game

Our word speed game is great fun, and is guaranteed to have you scratching your head and focusing hard.

As you've see, we have a large range of number based mental arithmetic games here at Speed Maths, the free resource for boosting your maths prowess on the web!

This word game will present you with a four letter word, let's say "FAME".

Your challenge in the word speed game is to work out the total number of points or 'score' of the word. Here's how it works:

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a score from 1 - 26. 'A' is worth 1 point, whilst 'Z' is worth 26 points. So the word fame is worth the score of F, the score of A, M and E. 'F' is the sixth letter, so has value 6, A is 1, M is 13 and E is 5 - so the total is the sum of these, which is 25.

The aim is to work out the sum of each word as quickly as you can - then click 'show answer' to see whether you got it right or not!

Not only is this great as a way of doing maths at speed, it is also a really useful educational tool to help children learn the order of the alphabet and where different letters are in the alphabet in relation to others.

It also has the additional skill of testing your brain's ability to manipulate a well known sequence - in this case the letters of the alphabet - and work out how they relate to each other. There are lots of other strategies you can use. You will find that learning M is in the middle at letter 13 is really helpful, as to work out what O is for instance you don't need to count from A but rather from M, where it is only two away, so you can say it is 15th very quickly using this method.


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