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Times Table Tips

Times Tables are great fun, that's the big news! Lots of us view them as a chore because we have to learn them and find them hard and make mistakes. But really view it as a challenge that you can conquer, and actually enjoy learning them.

Maths is a great skill and good fun, and there are lots of little tips we can use to make maths and times tables easier!

The biggest tip is the most obvious - practice and pay attention. Write out a grid of the numbers from 1 - 12 going across and the same list going down. Then practice filling in the grid until you have all 144 numbers in place on the grid.

The more you do this the better you will become until you can do the times tables grid as quickly as you are able to write it out!

There are other little tips you can use with the trickier multiplications to help!

Hints on Doing Times Tables

  • The number 5 - this is a really good number, because every one either ends in '5' or '0', so you know if you have ever gone wrong if you get a number that doesn't end in '5' or '0'. To move to the next one in the times table, all you do is either change a '5' to a '0' at the end and add '1' to the first number, or just change the '0' at the end to a '5'.
  • The number 9 - lots of people find this one the hardest of all, but it's actually really easy if you use the right method with your hands.

    All you do is give each finger a number, starting from the first finger on one hand through to the last on the other hand. Done that? Now let's do a sum of 4 x 9.

    Turn down the number four finger on your left hand and count how many fingers are still sticking up before it - there are 3 still sticking up. Now count how many fingers there are still sticking up to the right of the one that is turned down - 6 - and put them together, so the answer is 36. And that's all there is to it, so it is simple when you know how!

  • Multiplying by 10 - some get distracted by the numbers getting larger and ending in '0' but all you need to do is add one each time, and include the zero on the end. So 90 + 10 is just 9 + 1 which is 10, then add the '0' back on the end - it's really that easy!
  • Multiplying by 11 - up to '99' just have the same number there twice - so you get 11, then all the 2's - 22 - then all the 3's - 33 and so on, it's really that easy!
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