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Maths Pattern Finder Game

One important mathematical skill is the ability to look at a series of numbers and work out how they relate to each other.

Spotting patterns is quite difficult for most people and takes a lot of practice. But we have lots of sequences for you to practice on. The aim is simple - work out how the numbers relate to each other, and therefore you will be able to find what comes next in the sequence. If you give up or to check your answer click 'Reveal Answer'

We suggest that you aim to do around three sequence puzzles each day, and time how long it takes you to solve. Over time you should find that you get quicker and better at these maths sequence puzzles. If you are at school, this will be helpful as at some stage most pupils have to study and solve maths sequences. Some sequences are easy whilst some that we throw in are really tricky, so don't worry if you can't do one!

377,367,357,347,337, ?
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