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Maths Techniques

Some people are born great at maths, most of us have to work hard. But why work harder than we need too, when we can often just use a better technique to improve our maths?

Here are some techniques and rules you can use in your maths to improve your maths skills.


This is one of the most effective techniques to help you work out roughly what sort of answer you should have. So if you need to multiply 305 x 11, then it looks hard. But 300 x 11 is really easy, so do that first to get an idea of the answer - that's 3300.

Break It Down

Now we know that, we use the breakdown method: 305 x 11 is the same as 300 x 11 + 5 x 11. So to our 3300 we just add 55, to get 3355 as the answer, and we can see we've worked out 305 x 11 really easily!

Multiplying by 0 is always 0

Some sums that look really hard are actually really, check this one out: 26 x 54 - 15 x 576372 x 0 + 57

Looks hard? It's easy - the answer is '0' for any sum that contains multiplying by '0' and once you know that handy little fact such sums become the easiest ones there are!

Do you know a good maths technique that you can use to make sums easier or quicker to perform? We'd love to hear from you - just suggest it to us!

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