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Simple Sums Lesson

Maths is not just about natural ability, although some people find they are better able to manipulate numbers than others naturally in lessons.

Like most things in life though, the more you practice the better you get. Maths is no exception to that rule - hence maths lessons at school!

And there also simple methods you can use to also help you work out the answers to your sums.

One of the best methods is when dealing with numbers that end in '0's. Lots of us find it hard to deal with big numbers, but find smaller ones easy.

For instance, if you need to add 80 and 110 together, it can seem a real struggle.

One simple method you can use is to forget about the 0's at the end, and put it back in afterwards. So 80 + 110 which is tricky becomes 8 + 11 which is easy - it's 19! Then just put the '0' back on the end where it belongs to get... 190. And that's all there is to it!

Another really useful tips with sums that you can't do straight away is to break them down into bits that you can do.

So if you need to do 141 + 259 then that looks tricky. So instead do 140 + 260. This is the same calculation because we took one away from 141 so we add it onto 259!

We know using the tip above that is 14 + 26 which is easy (40) with the '0' added back on the end - 400. And that's it!

As you go through doing simple maths sums using addition and subtraction you will find other little methods and things you can do to help you with the calculations.

If you have any methods that work well for you or perhaps something a teacher has told you in a lesson, we would love you to Suggest it to us so we can add it here to help others too!

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