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Maths. It is something that none of us can avoid, even once we leave school. Whether it is working out how much money we have to spend each month once we've paid our bills, or working out if we have enough money in our pocket for a couple of magazines at the local shop, being able to do mental arithmetic is a really useful skill.

Sadly, lots of people are put off from making their maths skills better. This might be because sums look daunting on paper. At school methods of learning sums and doing mental arithmetic can be a bit intimidating, boring or just not interactive enough.

Here at Speed Maths, we've got a range of fun number puzzles to help improve your maths and the speed at which you can do sums. You can become a maths whizz in no time at all!

All you need is the ability to concentrate and to want to improve.

Mental Arithmetic for All Abilities

The great thing is, your current level doesn't matter. The great thing about Speed Maths is that you notice a general improvement in both the speed and accuracy with which you can perform various mental sums.

We have lots of fun games and speed maths puzzles on the site, testing a range of difficult mental arithmetic skills. Best of all, they are free to play! So just click on the puzzle you want to tackle first to read how it works and the puzzle details, before trying it yourself!

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